Friday, February 6, 2015

Fungi Charm

I love mushrooms! Apart from being one of my favorite delicacies, in my eyes they are also charming in a strange way...
Such an unbelievable huge variety, so many different colors and shapes and some of them so beautiful.

They are suposedly a food easy to be found. No farming, no watering, no special care needed.
You could just drop by the nearest forest and literally bump into them. All you have to do is pick them up! Well, it isn't quite so!
As it usually happens with people, we easily judge by the looks, but it's never wise to do so. And this is exactly the aspect that has always made mushrooms not only fascinating for me, but also something that fills me with awe...

An old greek saying warns: "All kinds of mushrooms can be consumed. Some of them only once, though". Exactly! The most beautiful ones are usually the most dangerous...

You can't just rely on your eyes or instict or luck. You have to study them, learn how to observe them, know them and tell them apart. Of course, there's always the safe choice called "super market", but frankly nothing compares to the taste of wild mushrooms.
I have to admit after all, that I love them for not being that easy!
And for being one of the most educative surprises of nature, teaching us that regardless of being born a fungus, a parasite, you could always turn out to be a treasure...

Sweater: SAXX from OSTIA
 Dress: Sewed by Mrs Despoina
Fabrics: "Pewter mushrooms", Woodwinked by Dear Stella
"Nutmeg, Multi Leaves" by Dear Stella 

Earrings & ring: made by me


"Amanita muscaria" in Rodopi mountains, Xanthi, Greece

Photos by PyThEuS

 Castle's wall in Belgrade, Serbia


  1. Cute outfit - love the mushroom print! And love that bright red mushroom - we don't have anything like that around here. :) Beautiful! I enjoy reading about and "seeing" Greece. Thank you!

    1. Isn't it like Smurfs house?? I love that mushrooms to...
      I'm so happy that you see it that way.That is exactly what I wanted. Apart from the dresses, to "show" a little bit of Greece from my point of view.
      Thank you for reading me!!!

  2. Loved this post! I really want your dress AND your lovely earrings and ring. :)

    1. Good news dear Lindsey!
      This week I started making earrings from my fabrics..Thanks to you to! I'm still seeking the right way to promote them but for sure you'll be the first to know!
      Thank you so much -really- for your encouragement!!

    2. That is wonderful news!! I can't wait until they become available. :) :)