Friday, January 30, 2015

When it rains Art!

Gentle rain...Time for wet walks. And our steps lead us to the possibly most famous spot of the city. The "Umbrellas" by George Zoggolopoulos, a Greek sculptor who's also known as "the eternal teenager".

The hydrokinetic version of this piece of art, participated in the 1993 Bienale exhibition in Venice.
The static version of it -the one we've got here- was selected to be set on a floating platform in Venice in 1995, the year the institution of Bienale was celebrating its 100th birthday.
Same year the "Umbrellas" were the ones that recieved the First Price in the competition about the best artwork to adorn the European Union's headquarters in Brussels.

However, it was 1997 when this work of art found its home and took its place by the sea, here in Thessaloniki, Cultural Capital of Europe for that year.

Zoggolopoulos had stated then: "There is always a vision for the work of all artists who truly love their art. To see it placed somewhere they would like to put it themselves. A work of art has a constant need for its own vital space. It could not survive just anywhere (...) This one is much better in Thessaloniki. I can't really tell how that occurs. Is it the wide horizon, the perspective, or the strict look of the paved seafront?..."

Forty swaying umbrellas made of steel, gracefully supporting each other, over us all...
They've seen us sad and lonely, they've seen us giggling with friends, they've seen us in couples, holding hands. And then maybe lonely again. We're growing older together, we've welcomed the new century along with them. It's a hot spot for dates, for orientation. It's a benchmark.

"The umbrella as an object of protection, is known and familiar worldwide. We all feel safety and geniality under its delicate cove...storms, wild sun, tender encounters...They could all be seen as objects common in use and imaginary in art"  Zoggolopoulos once quoted.

No matter what these umbrellas have experienced, no matter how renowned they've become or how many eyes have marveled at them, their home will always be here. Because home is where you're loved the most. And there's no place they've been loved more, than this city.

I've read somewhere that it is the most-photographed sculpture in a public place in Greece. Every citizen in this city that happens to own a camera, professionally or not, has shot at least a sunset taking place at the back of them...

One day the 40th umbrella was stolen. It's said it's gonna be replaced, even if Zoggolopoulos is no longer alive. Until then, mine is available!!

Dress: ZARA kids
Belt, ring, earrings: ROY'S from old good beloved "KOSTI"
Tights: PHILLY 
Umbrella: OCTOPUS from "KOSTI" to...

Boots: Fly Londonfrom Amazon

Photos by PyThEuS

These are my favorites...

Photo by Eleni Vraka

Photo by Johny Trouanti

What else! The heart under the Umbrellas...


  1. I love these photos! They are amazing and awesome! And the umbrella sculpture is beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much!!
      Yes, we are lucky to have them...

  2. Έχω προσπαθήσει τρεις φορές να γράψω σχόλιο κ συνέχεια αποτυχία..το λοιπόν τώρα: ας είμαι στα ξένα κ εξωτικά μέρη, διαβαζωντας σε κ βλεπωντας την πανέμορφη Θεσσαλονίκη, μονάχα εκεί θέλω να μαι..τι σου κάνει η πατρίδα... Κ εκτός αυτού σε νιώθω πιο κοντά μου, διαβαζωντας τα όμορφα λόγια σου!μου λείπεις κ ανυπομονώ να βρεθούμε ρομαντικά κάτω απ' τις ομπρέλες ;)

    No matter how far from Home, elenis words bring it close to me and i miss her and All of what thessaloniki and my dearest friends are for me..


    1. I'm waiting with my arms- and heart- wide open!!!
      I love you SO much!!