Saturday, December 6, 2014

Finally here!

I have this habit. Whenever something good happens, I do not consider it just a fact of the present. I believe that its root lies in the past. So I look back in time to find the moment it was actually born.
This blog was not born today. Neither in this past month I've been creating it. It began when I saw a dress that thrilled me in Polyvore. And that led me to Modcloth. And Susan of Modcloth mentioned Etsy. And Etsy gave me fabrics and ideas. And those ideas brought me to my seamstress. And the dresses I was designing and she was sewing, were asking for me to find or create accessories to match. And all these made my friends want to take a look at the rest I hide inside my closet. And their desire made me want to open it myself. So, with some help from my life partner, my brother, Sofia, and Angeliki, this fall I'm finally here!
And on second thought, if I go back further...maybe it all began when i was 9 years old and started keeping a diary. Something I have never really stopped ever since...
So, I get in this little wonderful adventure along with all of you, that I know, but also welcoming all of my new friends that will have the curiocity to take a peek at my closet's flying heart!

Dress & sweater:"King Kong" is a brand from Milan, Italy. My good friend Olga goes there very often and brings back so lovely pieces for her boutique, OSTIA

Boots: Fly London from AMAZON

Ring: STONE & METAL, Thessaloniki
Earrings: made by me
Sunglasses: only 9 euros from Vienna!

Coat: Derhy
hangers: the big one, old shop window decoration from YAMAMAY!
the little one, TIGER

Photos by PyThEuS

Another ride back!
Last October I went to Vienna to visit my friend Agnes. She had already shot a few beautiful pictures of "hearts" that had caught her eye in the streets, with a view to make a little album for her mom's birthday. I got jealous! Besides, as everybody knows, "there is no parthenogenesis in art"!
So I started looking around for hearts too. But when we went together to Bratislava for a couple of days, oh that city had so many "hearts" in every step, that we became heart-maniacs!
Of course, apart from a bunch of photos, I also took this inspired habit back with me. And I'm still checking around every day..
I mean to gift you one (of those hearts) with every upload.
Some are made by nature, some by chance and some by human hands. But never mine. I don't ever interfere in any way when I discover them. All I do is the "click"...

P.S. Have you encountered one hiding in your daily life? (Please) send it! I'll be glad to make it heart of the day!
P.S.2 Thanks Agnes!

Wall in Bratislava, Slovakia

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