Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fabric-coated buttons everywhere!

In my life as a self-stylized woman, fabric-coated buttons alone, could be a whole chapter..
Many years ago, I had conducted a ruthless raid in the closets of all the women I knew and I was aware they've been young ladies in the '60s. And the booty was mostly overcoats, because I've always had a passion for them. Apart from other alterations, I also used to replace the buttons with fabric-coated ones. And I used to dream I owned a machine to use, so I could make them myself all day long...

Over the years, the stores where buttons are coated, have extincted. I know only two stores right now and they're kind of overpriced. A while ago, to my surprise, on the shelves of TIGER, I saw a nice kit to use, so you can do it easily and simply on your own. And of course, I took as many as I could!
But.. Another big chapter in my life, is the belief that there are two kinds of use for all things: what they were made for and what we invent for them. So with my buttons' sets, I've made many earrings and today's ring and collar clips.
In fact, I haven't coated any button yet!!

Shirt: "UNO"...
I bought it around 1994 and whenever I wear it ever since, everyone says to me "nice new shirt!"
Small, big, round, pointy, everything comes in and out of fashion. But when a collar is THAT big, it's never out of fashion. Because it never was fashion!
I remember back then, my mom waving her head, cause she had seen it on a news-caster on tv and assumed it was very pricey. As far as I can recall, it was not..

Skirt fabric: "Walnut Hill Farm" collection by Charlotte Lyons, bought from NauvooQuiltCo, ETSY
Ofcourse sewed by Mrs. Despina!
Bag: RoyStore
Sweater: H&M

Shoes: Fly London  from AMAZON

Coat: Skertzo

Photos by PyThEuS

Mosaic ground, Thessaloniki, Greece


  1. That skirt is just too awesome! :)

    1. Thanks! The pattern is so simple but the fabric is unique! I think that you could still find it in Etsy if you look for it, with different backrounds too..