Monday, December 8, 2014

Autumn Wonderland

My poor, unfortunate Autumn... Acknowledged as a synonym of gloom and melancholy...
This year it's too rainy. The sun remains persistently hidden, cloudy days, humitidy, thus everybody frowned and grumpy.
Why am I so crazy about it? Is it because I love open umbrellas? Or because I'm so fond of walking in the morning mist? And no matter what kind of shoes I may wear, I just can't help ducking my ankles under the yellow-red layers of leaves on the edges of the streets.

I concider myself lucky for living in a place with four definite seasons. This eternal circle is the best teacher of the most precious life lesson. To see with our own eyes the Old leaving with amenity and dignity. The New to be patiently gestated, regardless of the conditions and to be born with grace and majesty, to do the only think that has to be done: to live in beauty and beautify the rest of the living, in any possible way...

Dress fabrics: "Forest floor" ,Bark & Branch collection from HarvestFabrics, ETSY
"Autumn Wonderland", Bark & Branch collection from CocoWawaCraftShop, ETSY
The dress is designed by me and sewed by my beloved seamstress, Mrs. Despina.
Sweater: Zara Kids!
Ring: made by me

Scarf: knitted by my mom

Shoes: Fly London from AMAZON

Earrings: made by me

Photos by PyThEuS

Two leaves in Vienna, Austria

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