Saturday, December 13, 2014

Coffee dipping!

The whole city is in the streets...Saturday and SUN after unstoppable rain for 5 days in a row. Smiles everywhere after 5 days of grumpiness. We are kind of spoilt in this country when it comes to sunny days.
There must be no free chair at all, at those cafes that have outside tables. And there are 2.500 coffee-bars in this city with only 1.5 million people. Greece's coffee-city!
But for me and Sotiris, when there is such weather, it's preferable to have a paper cup in hand and take walks until we find a nice spot to enjoy the sunshine and the coffee! And now that all the bakeries' and patisseries' windows are full of Christmas cookies, I can easily find a spot to feel comfortable and sit so I can start the wild ''dipping'' in the cup...

Dress: "Miss Patina" from ModCloth
Belt: so old...
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

Bag & shoes: I bought this bag with its matching sandals in Patmos, a Greek island!
That was the place that I was destined to meet the shoe brand that would become one of my favorites:  FLY London . If not THE favorite!
When I came back from vacation, I looked for it on the internet because I knew it was not in the Greek market. So, there was the winter version of the sandals in AMAZON. And that's where these shoes came from...I think they are the first thing I ever bought online...

Coat: Benetton

Scarf & earrings: Knitted by my mom


Cookies: "Pinakoti" Al. Svolou 22, Thessaloniki

Photos by PyThEuS

In my neighborhood's park, Thessaloniki, Greece

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