Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gain happily..

I think, what I mostly do during holidays season, is try to gain 2-3 kilos instead of 4-5!
A real feat when you're surrounded by temptations!

I whistle as if I don't care while passing by the platter with the lovely Greek Christmas treats, melomakarona and kourambiedes... And on my way back, I grab anything I see first.
I make my abstinence vows before going to the Christmas lunch my retired-cook-daddy makes...And I never keep them.
I drink tons of water before visiting friends' homes, so I won't have too much appetite...And yeah, I don't have too much, but I certainly have some!
I make sweets which I don't even taste... Not the same day, I mean.
And I eat so few chestnuts, they could be counted on my one hands' fingers...Which, magically these days, has a two-digit number of fingers.

Yeah right! Whoever tries to stick to their diet during Christmas holidays, is living in a delusion.
Because it just can't be and mainly it shouldn't! What should be, is to meet beloved ones and enjoy their company and the divine pleasure of good food. "Only the food you eat with guilt fattens" is a quote I once heard from a happy juicy lady. And when the most famous Greek lady-star was asked, a while before leaving this world, what would she have done differently in her life, she replied "I'd eat more!" What a sad repression...
Not for us! For us warm homes, lights, candles, presents and delicious things! We'll have eleven months to get rid of what may be put on us..!


Dress: Sewed by Mrs. Despina as usual! 
Fabric: "Let it snow" by Karen Cruden from Steel City Stitches Fabrics

Earrings: Made by me..
Ring: Very old, I don't even remember..

With all my heart,
Merry Christmas everyone!

Photos by PyThEuS

Just for today, three hearts on my Christmas tree!

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