Sunday, January 11, 2015

A joyful wait in a dull month...

I'm sorry to say this, but January is the dullest month! The "before" and "after" everything-month. It's before the Carnival and after the winter holidays, not having any festive touch of its own. It just places us back to our routine.
Every year, I find it so uneasy to pull my self together and re-organize my daily life. It takes me days to make the river flow again like before and return from sloth, back to creativity. And I have this "have to's" list swaying over my head...
Luckily, this whole situation is saved by the light feeling of anticipation...
I'm waiting -in vain, apparently- for a snowfall that will let the entire city become white, after 9 years!
I'm waiting -most likely- for the "Halcyon days" to come, bringing alongside the sweet promise of Spring...
I'm waiting -the only sure thing- for the almond trees to bloom!

And when you're expecting joyful things from nature rather than humans, the chances to actually be happy are dramatically so many more...

Coat: TULLE from ModCloth

Turtleneck: YAMAMAY

Skirt: R 867
Shoes: COCONUTS from ModCloth
Bag: Attr@ttivo

Earrings: Made by me

Ring: Old...

Pocket-clock: DAKOTA from ''Kosti'' (for those who remember...)

Photos by PyThEuS

Half nut in Vienna, Austria

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