Thursday, January 1, 2015

New year's Lists

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, my dear readers!
I hope you had both fun and rest these past days..

After my school years were over, what I am left with, is a heartbreaking nostalgia as well as a habit: to think of September as the beginning of the year! That's when I make all my lists and make important decisions and vows to myself that I'm gonna change what I dislike in my life.
The only things that I do yearly in the beginning of January are:

1. Detox myself and go on a healthier diet, after the holidays' eating spree.
2. Meditate, so I can gain the necessary inner strength for doing all the household's tidying and cleaning!
3. Note down, in my notebooks and calendars, all of the next year's birthdays, name days and anniversaries of ALL the people I know.
4. Check the dates of all the new year's national holidays...
5. General blood tests!

But this year I got carried away by the festive mood or let's say that I have left some things standing by... So I take the risk now to let you know my five next year's "have to" 's :

1. My motorbike was a fine means of transport all these years. But I think it's time I finally learned how to drive a car! Shame on me not to!
2. What am I exactly waiting for, in order to ask from my mom to teach me how to knit?...
3. Why have I stopped my Italian lessons? Back to this immediately!
4. To open my online store on Etsy.
5. To travel more. Anywhere. The more the better.

Shirt: "King Kong" from OSTIA
Earring: ACCESSORIES (Thanks Irene!)

 Dress: "Retrolicious" from ModCloth

Coat: Derhy

Shoes: t.u.k. from ModCloth

Ring: GECKO, Thessaloniki

That's it! I have openly made my commitments now!
I wish we will all be well and together next year, even if I may feel kind of irretrievably self-exposed by then...

Photos by PyThEuS

Old shop window in Budapest, Hungary

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