Friday, January 23, 2015

Halkyon Days

Well, how about some Greek mythology for today...

There is this myth about a beautiful lady named Halkyone, who lived by the sea. She was married, madly in love, very happy and apparently annoyingly fortunate! One very windy day, her husband went fishing in the open sea, regardless of Halkyone's words, who had a premonition and vainly tried to stop him. Something that always has been and always will be happening with couples...
Sadly, her premonition was right. Something that always has been and always will be happening with bad feelings...The strong winds sank his boat and poor Halkyone, who watched it all from the shore, just couldn't take it and threw herself on the rocks.

Zeus-father of Gods- who's always been a huge fan of pretty ladies, had an obsession with transformations, was compassionate when it came to love affairs and was fond of minding other people's business, took pity on them. And he turned them into birds.
But a divine intervention was not enough for Halkyone's suffering to end. The rest of Gods could not easily bear too much happiness for the mortals, even when it was already ruined. Some people have to pay too much for love... Something that always has been and always will be happening...

So every January that she laid her eggs on the rocks by the sea, the wild sea waves would harshly destroy her nest along with her happiness, again and again. But Zeus was large-hearted for once more. And from that time and on, every year around mid-January, he commands the waves to be gentle, the weather to be calm and the sun to shine so that Halkyone's eggs can be warm and safe. And everyone lived happily ever after!

God bless Halkyone! (Or should I say "Gods"?!) It's her we should thank for those wonderful days in the middle of winter. And even if we don't have any eggs, we surely can use some sun so we can leisurely stretch ourselves and feel the warmth, with eyes half closed, dazzled by the light...
A nice preview of Spring, which is only one and a half month away...

 Dress: JUDITH MARCH from ModCloth
Clutch: vintage from Etsy
Ring & earrings: made by me

Sweater: ZARA Kids
Sunglasses: MICHAEL KORS


Photos by PyThEuS

However, as you can see, the beauty of Halkyone was never stolen!

Stone in Thessaloniki, Greece


  1. Lovely post! I'm very ready for spring... and all the bright colors in this outfit are making me very excited for it's arrival. I still can't get over how lovely the jewelry is that you make! Do you by chance have an Etsy page for your jewelry creations?

    1. First of all, thanks again!! Second, your blog is SO beautiful!! I really love it. (As for your hair, brown version make you look like a little girl!!)
      Now about Etsy.. In a few days i'll start my Etsy shop but not for jewerly. And my husband gave me an angry look when he saw your comment!!! Because he's trying to convince me for so long to sell the jewelry i make! Maybe your comment will be the final push for me to start thinking about it..

    2. Thank you! Best of luck with your Etsy shop! If you do start selling jewelry, I would definitely be a customer. :)

    3. :) :) Glad to hear that! I'll keep you informed about any attempt...

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  3. ΠΑΝέμορφη!!!!

    1. Καλό μου ξενιτεμένοοο!! Τι χαρά!! Ευχαριστώωωω!!!

    2. Καλό μου ξενιτεμένοοο!! Τι χαρά!! Ευχαριστώωωω!!!