Friday, January 16, 2015

Hats On!

If my winter hats had a voise, they'd shout at me to stop putting them on and off the top shelves of my closet. Spring, they go up. Fall, they come down. And on my head? Never!
It's not my fault! Winters here have been so cool the last years, that I wore my scarves mostly for reasons of style. And about gloves? Not even a word!
However, this winter came in a wild mood and it immediately showed us its teeth! God (and the meteorologists) knows how many years it's been, since we had whole days with the temperature remaining around zero. And now my hats smile at me with delight! Back to business!

Most of them -like today's one- are gifts from my beloved friend Ania, who used to own a huge collection. But my wise friend holds that "we should collect things unashamedly until we are 40. And then gently start giving away".
And she's so right! Thank you Ania!

The only thing I really wish, is for a little miracle to happen, so that the microclimate of my city will let my hats get white! I know, I'm repeating myself! I've been obsessed with snow! But it is also something that hasn't happened in years and although there was a light snowfall some days ago, it just couldn't deliver.

So, I wear my hats and I keep my fingers crossed!

 Scarf & flower on the hat: Knitted by my mom.


Ring & earrings: Made by me

The beautiful bitter-orange trees are like a dazzling kind of disharmony amongst the dull hardwoods...

 Dress: How ironic! This is a HEEL dress, a greek brand, but I bought it from U.S.A.! Simply because there is no official store, or availability in any other store, here, the country's second biggest city. I should thank ModCloth...

A tip against dullness: how about wearing your dotted tights inside-out? They turn into a new, different pair! Sometimes a nicer one. And sure thing is, nobody else wears the same!  

While leaving the Pasha's Gardens, a bird, a boat, the sun, the sea and the city, granted us this...

Photos by PyThEuS

Tree in Belgrade, Serbia


  1. What an awesome outfit! I have never seen such a unique dress. And I love that you made earrings and a ring to match...they're incredible!

    1. Thank you so much, you give me motivation to keep going! I do it very often, because it's difficult to find something that match perfectly!